Tours Taj Mahal is venture of I.G.C.S.M group of Companies.  We are active in field of tourism for last 08 years. is a special website, which is designed to give you a complete information about the Taj Mahal. The website showcased some exclusive tour programs which are based on the famous ‘Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit of India’

Our tour experts are always ready to customize the displayed tour packages as your needs because we know that  no two experiences are the same because no two requests are ever identical – we tailor every trip to fit you in the snuggest way possible. We know that taking time off for a holiday is a

precious commodity so with our expert knowledge, we help people not only plan where to spend it, but how to make the most of it. Our main motto is to

provide your accurate picture of India and to work for you in such manner that you starting loving India. Yes, we do need sales but guest satisfaction is top priority for us so we have introduced ‘Hire a Tour Advisor’ service. We provide you a dedicated tour expert and he/she will give you the complete solution of your problem. You are not bound to take the tour package or any service. We do take consultation fee and that is very low.  We have worked in the travel business for a long —as guides, researchers, photographers, planners, transporters, you name it  and therfore we are capable of telling you true answers of your every query.

We strive to provide an experience to you so that it helps them recognize the history of India, with all its proposals and prosperity. There are no big last minute surprise, but the practical help to solve and avoid common mistakes.


We are pleased to offer travel services that includes:
1. Tour Packages
2. Hotel reservation
3. Rent a car


Come Enjoy a Visit to the Taj Mahal…Because ‘ There are two types of People in the world; one who already visited and One who are planning to visit’

If you falls in the second category then please do not wait and witness This Eight wonder of the World – Taj mahal.

We are ready to welcome you…!!!

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